Chasing a racing driver in a 612hp Mercedes-AMG

The normal way to teach everyday drivers how to steer a car like a racing driver is to follow a motorsport hero in formation around a track. The star is in front, everyone else obediently tracks behind. Gaps between cars are managed and everything is tightly controlled. 

Nobody has told that to five-time DTM German touring car champion Bernd Schneider. On AMG launches, he does what he wants, driving flat out, and it’s up to those following to keep up. Such as our man Dan, who recently attended the Mercedes-AMG E63 S 4Matic+ launch. 

Fair play to Dan, he gave it a good go. And we have the video evidence to prove it, because sensibly, Mr. Trent fired up his GoPro before he went out. 

It’s fortunate he was in the monster E63 S, with a surfeit of traction from its 4Matic+ all-wheel drive system; this at least gave him a bit of security to help him offers some thoughts on the monster Merc while trying to keep up with hard-driving Bernd. 

Dan discovered something else, too. A Drift Mode, that lets you go sideways in relative safety in your madcap Mercedes-AMG. 

How safe is it? How well does it work? Can Dan really keep up with a DTM champ in a hurry? Watch the video to find out… 



Rob Adams is a writer for PistonHeads.


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