Nissan Motor Co. has set November 17 as the domestic launch date of the updated Nissan GT-R.

The company's engineers have spent the last year improving on the 11th incarnation of the iconic car and have been able to improve engine output and torque, given the vehicle greater fuel efficiency, enhanced the handling, given it newly designed wheels, improved the aerodynamics, refreshed the exterior and given the interior a full makeover.

On top of that, the Yokohama-based car manufacturer has added the ultra-exclusive "Egoist" version, which can be custom-built to meet the precise desires of the customer.

Nissan hopes that the redesigned sports car will give it the edge over other cars that are renowned for their performance, such as the Mazda RX-8, the BMW Z4 roadster and the Porsche 911. It also adds to the company's sports car lineup alongside the Fairlady.

Nissan said it set out with the aim of creating a car with the "world's best multi-performance and responsive driving pleasure."

The company said this year's large number of enhancements is part of the continuous advancement of the design, technology and performance since it first hit roads in December 2007.

In the latest incarnation, engine output has been increased to 6,400 rpm, up from 6,000 rpm, and fuel efficiency now stands at 8.5 km per liter. The installation of a carbon composite strut supporting bar to the suspension system has increased responsiveness to the driver's commands, while the lighter and more rigid forged aluminium-alloy wheels help improve tire responsiveness to vertical load.

An enlarged bumper and grille openings help to inprove stability, while the redesigned front bumper increases front downforce by as much as 10 percent while also reducing air resistance inside the engine compartment.

In the cabin, the instrument panel and navigation system have been redesigned and the seats have been altered to provide increased comfort and safety.

A Club Track edition of the car has been developed exclusively for use on racing circuits and gives drivers the experience of the full potential of the car. Nissan aranges events and activities for owners of Club Track cars, including one-on-one competition training sessions by professional drivers and races.

The GT-R lineup now includes six versions, including the Egoist, and Nissan plans to release the range in North America and Europe after February 2011. The company is also considering the Egoist version in Europe and the Middle East.

The GT-R Pure starts at Y8,694,000 (€77,151) with the Egoist version rising to Y15 million (€133,111).


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