Car sales rose again in the US in July, according to manufacturers' figures released August 3, but only just.

Overall sales rose by 5 percent across the industry compared to the same period in 2009, with 1.05 million vehicles sold during the month, far less than some had predicted.

General Motors sold the most cars, posting a six percent rise on July 2009 with 199,432 vehicles sold.

Although Chevrolet accounted for most of those, sales of its luxury Cadillac brand jumped 142 percent, and Buick 137 percent.

Ford's sales were up by a total of three percent, with Ford saying that the new Fiesta passed the 3,000-sales mark in the month for the first time.

Japanese manufacturers Toyota and Honda both posted a fall for the month of three and two percent respectively, although Toyota remained the US's third most popular brand.

Chrysler posted a five percent gain, although it paled in comparison to Hyundai's 20 percent leap in sales.

The Most Popular Automakers in the US (July)

1. General Motors
2. Ford
3. Toyota
4. Honda
5. Chrysler
6. Hyundai

Data from Monthly US Sales Report by Automotive News/Manufacturers

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