Volkswagen announced November 4 that it is now accepting orders for 10 different models featuring its advanced and efficient BlueMotion technology.

Every Volkswagen model is now available with their latest BlueMotion technology as an option except the Beetle, Fox and Phaeton. In a BlueMotion Passat, for example, the car's performance leaps to 4.4 L/100 km (54 miles per gallon), eight percent better than the Toyota Prius hybrid. Additionally, emissions are reduced to just 114 grams per kilometer (6.5 ounces per mile), exceeding the EU's goal of 130 g/km (7.4 oz/mi) for all vehicles well before the 2015 target date.  

The BlueMotion cars are available across all 27 countries of the EU, with a base price in Germany of €27,850. Prices vary according to local taxes so consumers are urged to check the Volkswagen website in their native country for more details.

Some of the technologies used to achieve such extraordinary fuel economy are brake regeneration, a start/stop system, aerodynamic measures and a new coasting function to take advantage of the vehicle's kinetic energy. While the best fuel economy is found with their diesel engines, the BlueMotion technology is also available in the gasoline models.

The difference in price between a regular Passat and a BlueMotion Passat is just €725 in Germany. BlueMotion vehicles only garner about 10 percent of the standard model's sales, but VW told Relaxnews they expect BlueMotion sales to rise in accordance with the increased esteem given to environmentally-friendly cars.

"The regular Passat offers good fuel consumption as well, but not as good as the BlueMotion line," Bernd Schroeder, product communications manager for Volkswagen Group at their Wolfsburg, Germany, headquarters, told Relaxnews November 4. "The Blue Motion is not as dynamic or sporty as the standard Passat, so consumers can choose which VW they prefer."

"But when you take the various fuel and emissions economies into account, the BlueMotion becomes very interesting, especially for people who drive more than 10,000 kilometers (6,200 miles) a year," said Schroeder.

"For the first step, the BlueMotion will only be for Europe, where the market for clean diesel is highly prized," said Schroeder.

"We are building a plant in the US to possibly begin making BlueMotion vehicles in the next two-three years," said Schroeder. In Japan, where diesel is largely absent, they may have to wait for the first hybrid from Europe's biggest automaker -- the Touareg hybrid -- to enjoy VW's latest technologies.

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