Remember the 650S? It was great. But it’s gone. It’s replaced by this, the new 720S. 

The clue is in the name, with 720hp (710bhp) on tap from the 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 mounted behind the driver.

This isn’t just a more powerful 650S. Only about 10% of the old car has survived the transition to the 720S, which features a new carbon passenger cell, uprated hydraulic suspension and more. Even the engine, up from 3.8-litres, is 40% new.

The bodywork is all new, and features a full-width wing at the back for the first time. Instead of those side air ducts, air is now channeled very fast down ducts inside the bodywork. The aerodynamics is really clever.

Inside it’s just glorious, with an incredibly light and airy cabin that offers excellent visibility. It is a really cool cabin, and that’s before you get into talking about the impeccable steering and controls.

It’s so easy to drive. As you’ll see in the video, you can clip the apexes on the racetrack but, just tone down the modes a bit, and you have a really comfy, easy to drive car that you could definitely use for the daily commute.

This is the most powerful car in its class, with a top speed well over 200mph. And yet it doesn’t have a mechanical limited-slip diff. You are the driver, you have control. That beast of a motor powers just the rear wheels through the seven-speed auto gearbox, which makes for rather an exciting combination of power and footprint.



Join Matt Prior in the hot seat for a trip on both road and track to make the most of that thrilling combination.

Graham Scott is a writer for AutoCar.

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