Watch the first EVs on the production line

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If you're planning on purchasing an electric vehicle, you can now get an insight into how it's made.

Both Nissan and Chevrolet, set to launch the Leaf and Volt respectively over the coming weeks, have released videos showing the production line to make people aware of exactly what goes into an electric vehicle.

Chevrolet's time-lapsed video shows a traditional chassis assembly, before the battery pack and motor is added by production line workers.

Nissan's video showcases the company's individual component assembly processes, including the construction of the battery packs and motor.

Then, the vehicle's assembly in Nissan's Oppama plant in Japan is shown, beginning with the assembly of the chassis and insertion of the battery and all-electric drivetrain, which is mounted in the same way as a traditional vehicle.

Watch the Chevrolet Volt being assembled:

Watch the Nissan Leaf being assembled:

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