General Motors has unveiled the suite of connected technology that will be available with its new Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric vehicle, which is set for a US release before the end of the year.

General Motors-owned vehicle telematics service OnStar said in a statement that the technology will "enhance the overall ownership experience."

The new technology is centered on a new website at, which gives drivers the ability to remotely access operational information for their car and control various functions via the vehicle's data connection.

Using the website, drivers can view charge status (and voltage), choose to charge immediately or at a scheduled time, view predicted range based on current charge level, see tire pressure, unlock the doors and remotely start the vehicle to ensure the correct interior temperature.

Volt owners will also be able to receive text or email notification of charging completion and interruption, as well as share details such as energy efficiency and driving history on their social networks such as Facebook and Twitter.

Unlike other GM vehicles, the Volt comes with five years of OnStar Directions and Connections service as standard - an accompanying app will be available for select smartphones from October 30.

OnStar boss Chris Preuss said that the technology helped make the Chevrolet Volt "smart grid ready direct from the factory," adding that it would help subscribers work co-operatively with their utility company, although no further details of the link were confirmed.

General Motors's rival Ford is working with Microsoft on its web-driven home energy package called Hohm, while Toyota unveiled its "Smart Centre" last week, saying that the product would be released to the public by 2012.

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