Five applications that will have you sitting behind the wheel of beautiful cars and get your heart racing as you try to cross the finish line first.

Real Racing
Real Racing is one of the most awarded iPhone racing games, and it's not surprising with its slick graphics, exciting gameplay and great features. Players can chose from 48 different cars, 12 different tracks and five game modes. The game supports up to six players in the multiplayer WiFi mode and lets you play your own music in the background.
Price: $4.99

Asphalt 5
Sit yourself down in the driver's seat of some of the fastest "dream cars" designed for the iPhone in this visually enticing 3D arcade racing game. Chose from over 30 designer car models and race, smash and maneuver your way across asphalt, mud, snow, and dirt tracks in exotic places like Aspen, Las Vegas, St. Tropez and Hawaii. Players can select to race against online opponents, the computer or can compete against up to six friends using the Bluetooth option. Choose from one of eight different game modes to get the get the game started - from Drift Contest to Cop Chase to Last Man Standing.
Price: $4.99

Need for Speed Shift
Bigger brother to the popular Need for Speed: Undercover, Need for Speed Shift is a full-fledged simulation racing game. While the game features fewer cars and tracks (20 and 18 respectively) than some of the others featured here, Need for Speed Shift provides players with a full-fledged driving experience with tight handling, superior accelerometer controls and beautiful accelerated 3D graphics.
Price: $6.99

Fast & Furious The Game
Following in the Fast & Furious movie footsteps, this app prides itself on fast cars and skillful driving. Players get behind the wheel of a fast car of their choice and zoom their way through the back streets of LA, Mexico and the Dominican Republic. Players can race against other iPhone app users in online multiplayer games or compete offline. There are seven different game modes, from Pursuit and Evade to Drag Racing where players will need to quickly adapt to road conditions and learn new skills if they don't want to lose the race. With the built-in YouTube function, you can record a video of your race and post it to the video-sharing site.
Price: $1.99

Real Racing GTI
Real Racing GTI is the free, cut-down version of Real Racing. Real Racing GTI is a fast-paced racing application designed by Firemint in collaboration with car manufacturer Volkswagen to celebrate the upcoming release of the 2010 model GTI. Drivers are limited to six different styles of GTI sports cars but for a free game, it's pretty much unbeatable. Like in the full version, users can select from a range of different control options - from accelerometer steering with computer-assisted acceleration and braking to "touch-to-steer" controls with manual acceleration and braking. Great graphics and "real-feel" racing make Real Racing GTI one of the hottest free racing games in the app store.
Price: Free


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