This week's selection of iPhone applications will help you get the most out of your iPhone-motoring partnership. From starting your car's engine with a touch of the screen to measuring the speed of your vehicle, these applications will make your iPhone a valued motoring accessory.

The top five car applications on your iPhone for the week:

If you've ever wanted to see how fast your car can accelerate or to measure if your vehicle has more horse power than your mate's, Dynolicious can provide you with the tools to record and measure your car's performance metrics. Using the iPhone's accelerometer the application can record and track your vehicle's 0-60 acceleration, lateral G's and horsepower. Dynolicious costs $12.99 in the US App store.

Viper SmartStart
This newly released application allows you to remotely start your engine, set and disable your car's alarm, open the boot, and lock and unlock your car with a press of a button on your iPhone from anywhere in the US. The Viper SmartStart application requires you to have a Viper SmartStart system installed in your car (prices range from $300 to $500 including installation) as well as a yearly $29.99 service plan. Viper SmartStart is free in the US App store.

Trapster is a location-based radar program that alerts you to the location of police, radars and red light cameras. The application provides you with (almost) real-time updates about hazards on the road and reminds you to slow down so you can avoid having to pay expensive speeding tickets. Live police positions and mobile radar locations are submitted by other users. Trapster is free in the US App store.

iGasUp helps you find the cheapest petrol, gas or diesel available in your area. The application provides users with the names of the 10 cheapest stations (and their current fuel prices) within their area or alternatively can list ten petrol stations located in the nearest vicinity. Once a station has been chosen, the application provides directions to the location using Google Maps. iGasUp is priced at $2.99 in the US app store.

While the community of users is still small, Carticipate could one day become a very helpful, eco-friendly and cost saving application for those wanting to share their car travelling costs and cut down the environmental impact of driving. The application lets both drivers and passengers organise and plan their shared car travel - from short, every day journeys to long road trips across country. Carticipate is free in the US app store.

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