What to see at the Paris Motor Show: Hybrids

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Automakers from around the world are set to launch new hybrid models at the Paris Motor Show, proving that despite the buzz around soon-to-be launched electric vehicles, hybrids still remain a hot topic.

Among the most eagerly anticipated will be the Fisker Karma, the first-factory-built model of the plug-in hybrid EV.

The four-door Karma boasts a top speed of 200 km/h and a 0-100 km/h time of 5.9 seconds, despite an annual average fuel economy of 2.4 l/100km (around 100 mpg) and emissions of 83 g/km.

It won't be the only luxury brand debuting a new hybrid at the show, however.

Lexus will be in attendance with its long-awaited CT200h hybrid, which it describes at the "world's first full hybrid luxury compact hatchback".

Nissan-owned Infiniti is also set to launch its M35h hybrid, the first in-house hybrid ever produced by Nissan, which will go on sale in 2011.

Fellow Japanese brand Honda, meanwhile, is aiming at the lower end of the market, reportedly planning to debut a hybrid version of its popular Jazz subcompact, thought to be one of the smallest and cheapest hybrids on the market.

Peugeot unveiled its contribution a month or so ago - the 3008, billed as the world's first diesel hybrid car with a fuel consumption of 3.16 l/100km.

The Paris Motor Show runs October 2-17.


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