On November 4, Chrysler unveiled its first five-year plan based on its new alliance with Italy's Fiat, laying out which models Chrysler will cut, which cars Chrysler will keep and what new cars they will produce based on Fiat's designs.

Part-owned by Fiat, part-owned by the US taxpayer, but in huge trouble all over: Chrysler's new plan couldn't wait much longer.

A staggering 13 new models from Fiat will soon be produced by Chrysler, covering everything from small cars to large vans. Chrysler is keeping just 12 of its vehicles, discontinuing seven models.

Models to be discontinued by 2012
      Jeep:  Patriot, Compass, Commander (may be sold outside of US)
Chrysler:  PT Cruiser
   Dodge:  Dakota, Caliber, Viper (not definite)

New Fiat-supplied models arriving by 2013
      Jeep: a compact SUV, a small CUV, Liberty (in name only, supplied by Fiat)
Chrysler: a small car, a compact sedan, a midsize CUV, Sebring (name only)
      Ram: a small commercial van; a large commercial van 
   Dodge: a small car, a compact sedan, Avenger (name only), Fiat 500 (late 2010, convertible 2011, Abarth 2012)

Remaining models, all with major overhauls by 2011
      Jeep: Wrangler diesel, Grand Cherokee
Chrysler: 300C, Town & Country minivan
      Ram: 1500/2500/3500 (2012)
  Dodge: Challenger, Charger, Grand Caravan, Journey, Nitro

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