Automakers Mitsubishi and Peugeot, both pushing to get their electric vehicles on the road in Europe in the coming weeks, have unveiled the dealership networks that they intend to establish in the United Kingdom.

Peugeot announced a network of 22 dealers who will be able to sell and service the all-electric Peugeot iOn when it arrives on UK shores in February.

It named dealers in the Midlands, two in the East of England, two in the North East, two in Scotland, two in London, one each in Milton Keynes, Manchester, and Northern Ireland,  seven across the South, South West and South Wales and one in Leeds.

Mitsubishi named a total of 13 dealers January 10, selecting two dealers in the North East, two in Scotland, two in London, one in the South East, two in the South West, one each in the East Midlands and West Midlands and one in Northern Ireland.

Both manufacturers have aimed for areas which have benefited from public funds to install charging stations and other infrastructure, known as the "Plugged in Places" scheme, in the hope that the adoption curve faced by the first users of their vehicles will be reduced.

A similar tactic was followed by Nissan and Chevrolet when identifying the first US markets for their Leaf and Volt electric vehicles late last year - both automakers chose major areas already investing in electric infrastructure, California in particular, as launch markets.

Last month, Chevrolet announced that Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Oshawa, Ottawa-Gatineau, Vancouver and Victoria will be the initial launch markets for the Chevrolet Volt when it launches in Canada later this year.

The Nissan Leaf, meanwhile, is expected to hit the Canadian province of British Columbia first when it is released in Fall 2011.

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