The bathroom sink will be permanently covered in beard trimmings / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Spoiler: s*** gets really real

Moving in with your boyfriend is one of the last rites of passage on the way to becoming a fully-fledged grown-up.

But, when it comes to shacking up with your significant other, things suddenly get real.

Sharing your home with a romantic partner changes your relationship and after that initial period of excitement, some pretty weird things can start to happen.

Money problems main reason for relationship breakdown

Some of these changes are good of course, but you also have to be prepared for the harsh realities of what life is like when you share a living space.

Excess hair everywhere

Now, us girls can get a pretty bad rap for clogging up the plughole with our hair, but you’ll soon find that it works both ways.

The pain of cleaning up what feels like endless bits of facial hair will start to feel like a relative past time because we can almost guarantee that your bathroom sink will be permanently covered in beard trimmings.

It will congregate everywhere, and you will never be able to keep on top of it - just when you think you've cleared it, you spot more.

Your beauty products become his, too

Similarly, the bathroom can pose an issue for your of expensive beauty products - because he will use your shampoo, your vanilla-cupcake shower gel and, though he might not admit it, your anti-ageing pore-refining facemasks.

Too much wine

You’ll also probably find yourself guzzling a lot more booze. Where cracking open a bottle on your own was frowned upon when you flew solo, it’s practically encouraged now that there are two of you.

In fact, studies have even shown that couples who drink together are more likely to stay together longer. Cheers.

Date night changes

But, this can cause your idea of romance or what decrees a date night change.

While you used to get out all the time for meals, once you’re shacked up the temptation to stay in and get a bottle of wine and a takeaway assails.

Similarly, while you used to send romantic text messages to each other, now it’s more likely to be about picking up a pint of milk.

You're never alone

But for many, one of the biggest downsides to living with someone is having to give up some of our precious alone time. 

While spending weekends and dining together every night suits some, it’s perfectly healthy to want to take some time apart.

That being said, “me time” can be hard to come by so when you do get the place to yourself it will feel like a special occasion.