Cruise control

Stanley Kubrick likes to get value for money out of his cast, and Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman are certainly earning their keep on the director's long-anticipated Eyes Wide Shut. Filming began in 1996 (Tory government, beef was safe to eat, the European Championships - remember?) and word has it that the cameras are still rolling. According to the Hollywood Reporter, Cruise and Kidman have been called back to London to re-shoot several scenes. The pair are said to play married New York psychiatrists whose unorthodox dealings with their patients lead to jealousy and sexual obsession. Although it's not been divulged which scenes are to be re-jigged, Kubrick has confirmed that Jennifer Jason Leigh's cameo has gone to an old Ingmar Bergman favourite, Marie Richardson. Leigh was unable to answer Kubrick's summons for re-shoots, owing to location commitments on a David Cronenberg flick.

Le monster mash

With Godzilla set to chew up all-comers in the US this summer, news comes that Roland Emmerich's blockbuster will be stomping all over the Cannes Film Festival. Festival organisers are aiming for a full house when the Festival closes on 24 May by showing this, the latest offering from the Independence Day team. Among the 22 films up for the Palme D'Or are Ken Loach's My Name is Joe, Todd Haynes's Velvet Goldmine and The General by John Boorman.