Mud, mud, glorious mud

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Mud, mud, glorious mud: Both The Natural Sea Beauty Collection and Bharti Vyas's DSD Mineral Skin Care line are formulated with - yes - mineral-rich Dead Sea mud. The miracle mud is claimed to boost the skin's renewal process, restore moisture, firmness and elasticity, and nourish the scalp and hair. It is incorporated into cleansers, moisturisers, face masks, soaps, bath salts, shampoos and conditioners. Which begs the question: what happens when all the Dead Sea's mud is used up?

Natural Sea Beauty Collection products range from pounds 2.95 for a Body Cleansing Bar to pounds 9.95 for Self Tan. Shampoos and Conditioners pounds 5.95 each. Tel: 01978 661351. Bharti Vyas DSD Mineral Skin Care Line, from pounds 9.95 for hand cream to pounds 20.95 for nine skin care Ampoules. Tel: 0171-224 3382.