James Brown has been charged with drug and gun offences. He has previously served three years in prison on weapons charges. Other jailhouse rockers have included: Frank Zappa, Steve Earle, Tupac Shakur, Hugh Cornwell, Chuck Berry and briefly, Sir Paul McCartney.


Possession. Dope or firearms?

Non-payment of your tax?

You're in the long stay Starpark

You may as well relax

A soft job in the library

Might suit a quieter chap

In company with rappers

On a different sort of rap

For a popster and a slopster

in Pentonville or Norwich

The rider in your contract

Allows you only porridge

You may do time in Tokyo

Eight days to be precise

A busted former Beatle

With a bamboo mat and rice

Your royalties are mounting up

Your woman swears she'll wait

You're not the only pop messiah

Whose had ma cell-by-date

The die-hard fans may ring their hands

As critics howl with glee:

"He seems to know the number

But he still can't find the key"