After the Grammy award won by Bob Dylan's son Jakob, prepare yourself for debuts by other rock stars' children. Adam Cohen, Sean Lennon, Shane Morrison, Chris Stills and Rolan Bolan are all waiting in the wings.

A Chip off the Old Block

Like paterfamilias

But quieter and straighter

And not a messiah yet

He looks like a waiter.

Resembles the father

But clearer when talking

Same number of legs though

And better at walking

His mum brought him up

In an L.A. des.res.

She christened him Seachild

Re-named himself Les

We measure depression

In Cohens when tearful

So why should the offspring

Be any more cheerful?

When earlier models

Are dog-eared from touring

Best bring the Mark II out

If fans need securing

It gives you a headstart

When pedigree's good stock

You're top of the list if

They hold a third Woodstock.