Bill Clinton is to make his British jazz debut on saxophone. The event will take place at Ronnie Scott's in Birmingham after the G8 Summit of world leaders in May.

Clinton's Key Note

The Summit talks will break an hour early

The instrument be lifted from its case

So Birmingham may savour

In crotchet and in quaver

A joy-of-sax and Clinton interface

The President, no stranger to a rondo

Or odd cadenzas on the saxophone

Will spend the evening wailing

While never once inhaling

A difficult technique he's made his own

And while he is on stage he may entreat them

To something in the recent smorgasbord

From Be-Bop through to Fusion

With possible inclusion

Of any little piece he may have scored

And so what if he stumbles on a blue note

Or deafens fellow diplomats 'til dawn

The press will have a story

And Birmingham the glory

Of seeing Bill Clinton brandishing his horn