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The cast of 'Casualty' are at number 5 in the single charts with a cover version of the 30-year-old Love Affair hit, 'Everlasting Love'.


As a doctor I'm frequently asked:

"Is that your record at Number 5?"

The simple answer to this is that,

I'm not a doctor

I'm an actor.

And if you include this factor

Cross-infection may occur

Causing bounds of taste to blur.

Claudication in the arts

Following Cloth Ear may lead

To infarction in the charts

As the heart begins to bleed.

The boredom may be terminal

The patent might complain of hearing

Yet another cover version

This can mean

Substantial risk

If the public buys the disc

Generating lots of cash

The luvvies have another bash

Which is often problematic

As the anaesthesia's deep

But the end is undramatic

Since the patient dies in sleep.