Music: soundbites

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Martin McCarrick (left) of Therapy?

You are about to go on tour - what are you looking forward to?

Definitely the shows. We have a great camaraderie. You need to be friends to do this, to live in close proximity to each other's smelly socks.

Anything else?

Endless waiting in gloomy venues and finding out that someone has stolen your last pair of clean socks.

What about indulgences?

I might throw a rock-star tantrum if my breakfast champagne isn't chilled!

Tunes to tour with?

Depending on who gets to the CD player first, it can be anything from "Learn to Play Didgeridoo" to "Death Metal Mania".

R and R?

If it's quiet I might read. Otherwise I explore my surroundings and go shopping for records, books, clothes, food ... and socks.

Best sock stop or touring hotspots?

My favourite venue is warm, has good acoustics, decent dressing-rooms, toilets which are clean, and a shower. I find playing in Scotland exhilarating, and I'd like to play in Cornwall.

Any other projects?

I write music all the time. Some finds its way into Therapy? repertoire. Touring and promotion take up most of my time. Even doing the laundry becomes a major undertaking.

How has your music changed?

From the sublime to the ridiculous.

Therapy? begin touring on Monday: Portsmouth, Wedgewood Rooms. Reading, Alleycat (3 March), Edinburgh, Venue (4 March), Middlesbrough, Arena (5 March), Liverpool, K2 (6 March), Bristol, Fleece & Firkin (30 March), Norwich, Waterfront (31 March), Bedford, Esquires (1 April), Nottingham, Rock City (2 April), Newcastle, Riverside (3 April). `Church of Noise' single is released on Monday.