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Jennifer Rodger talks to Pete Voss, lead singer with Campag Velocet

Music journalists have dubbed you Skunk rock. Does that mean you are liable to rout around, and spray willy-nilly?

Skunk rock, we are absolutely nothing to do with.

So does it refer to a type of cannabis and that you are rushing to sign The Independent's campaign?

Legalise cannabis. Yeah, why not support the campaign.

I hear you have a bit of punk attitude

It's to do with not living up to other people's aspirations and expectations. We are doing exactly what we like, and we are independent. You are all quite different, how did you get together?

Myself and Barnie (bass) met at a beatnik club called Tongue Kung Fu. We got it together in Barn's bedroom, with Barnie on bass and me rapping, kind of punk hip-hop. Arge the guitarist was an old friend of mine, and was rescued from playing on his own. Then we went through six drummers, they either left or we kicked them out. Now we have Lascellef on drums, and we are very happy to be a solid outfit.

It meshes together then?

I give it it's raw energy, and I think Arge gives it the technical thing. I don't know what Barnie does, and then Lascellef gives some weird tweaking sounds. OK, Barn puts the subtleties.

Your influences seem pretty varied

Our main influences are The Stooges, because they were a seminal punk rock band, and I liked their energy. And Sonic Youth for a bit of high brow punk. Arge and Lascellef are very much into Sun Ra, a jazz musician from outer space and Phaorah Saunders, Eric B and Rakim, and Schooly D.

Where would the best vibes be for playing live?

It would probably be a party just for our friends. We would play there, with DJs, and then we would get on with the party ourselves.

Catch Campag Velocet 25 March, Chelmsford Y Club, Moles, Bath (26 March), Louisiana, Bristol (27 March), Union Bar, Maidstone (3 April) and Crypt , Hastings (4 April)