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How did the remixes of "Jungle Brothers" come about?

The A&R man took acapellas and sent it to various mixers. They are all dance-orientated, but with different vibe.

The Urban Takeover mix took you to No 2 in the American charts. How did you feel about it?

The Urban Takeover one came back and felt right. At the time we were on tour around Europe, and we started hearing and clicking that it was us! Before we had gone away we were like yes to this and no to that, so we weren't really aware. We liked the hardcore intro, and, um, the breakdown into the up tempo drum and bass.

Why do you think drum and bass works with hip hop?

There is more of a crowd for drum and bass in England, but it is a growing scene in America. There are traces of hip hop in jungle. Certain people are trying to pick up on it, but it'll take the right artist to give it a push.

What will your next album be like?

It'll be a raw mix of soul, hip hop, and Jungle Brothers' for all fans who know us already. The same quality songs with a mix of personality, and sure to be enjoyed by whoever listens.

"Jungle Brother" (Urban Takeover Mix) on Gee Street/V2 Records.

Jungle Brothers are re-releasing Raw Deluxe with a bonus CD on 11 May.

Jennifer Rodger