How were the gigs in England? They were too hyper. In England you can't just play some music and chill. Some were good, especially when they put the barricade further away from stage. If all the screaming teenagers who are jumping on heads are far enough away, you can settle into it and make some music.

Generally, do you like touring? It's an intense and weird vibe. I get really excitable. I especially enjoy playing clubs which are over age or have liquor as then there is a really cool vibe.

What do you think of fame? It's great at times, like on TFI Friday. I was standing there with Julian Lennon! What do you say? We were all really excited, it was like "Oh Hi! I am Courtney, I was really into your Dad's music ..."

If heroin is passe, what else do you think about drugs?

Our song is self-explanatory, it's how silly all the heroin shit got. It wasn't a big enough deal for me until a girl I was going out with for four years started shooting dope and she basically never came back. It's an awful when you lose everything. Why does anyone try heroin for the first time? No one was born wanting drugs.