My old trouble: DANIEL GALVIN

Celebrity hairdresser DANIEL GALVIN cured his bad back by running away from it
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I used to think my back trouble was something to do with stooping to do all those highlights! I've been in this business for 25 years and I've had it all that time. In my job I stand up all day long, of course, and it used to get so bad that my eyes would close up with the pain. It showed all over my face. But the funny part was, the whole thing was caused by tension.

I spent a fortune going to physiotherapists and chiropractors - the only thing I didn't do was the Alexander Technique. I've had injections, X-rays, blood tests with Harley Street specialists and Chinese lumbar puncture. I didn't care what I paid as long as it got better. The biggest waste of money was on acupuncture. It relaxed me totally the day I had it done, but the next day the pain was back. I went to the best that money could buy, but he left a needle in my stomach and asked me to turn over.

It was only after I pointed it out that he removed it. I could have been stabbed!

Then two years ago I decided to get a personal trainer. He took me through all the exercises that were good for my back and gave me a lot of cardiovascular exercises. I started going to the gym four or five times a week and began to notice a difference. I got hooked on the running machine, lost two stones and my back got far better. I suddenly wasn't thinking about it any more. I put it down to running. I know that when I do 10 miles on the machine any tension from the day will go - running just relaxes me. I can run 40 miles a week and I'm a different person. Even now I still get stressed: my muscles can go into total spasm, especially in my lungs. But it doesn't affect my back any more...

Age is only something on your birth certificate. I drink lots of water, avoid fat and have given up meat and dairy; I have my power breakfast in the morning of lots of fruit and shredded wheat. I'm planning to run the London Marathon: I completed it in under five hours last year, and this year I'm being sponsored by the NSPCC and I want to run it in under four hours. I won't say anybody beat me last time, people just crossed the line before I did.