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Beauty spot-Phytologie hair care range
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If you are one of those people who considers themselves something other than the wash-and-go school of hair cleansing, then chances are you've tried stacks of different products all claiming to work miracles with your tresses, with varying degrees of success. It's virtually impossible to recreate the chestnut gloss of the Pantene girl, unless of course you spend considerable time in the hairdresser's.

Most products which do claim to give you shiny mane within two weeks might do so primarily by coating your hair with a layer of silicon, which eventually leads to limp locks. However, French hair care range Phytologie, is based on plants. Unlike many other companies, Phytologie concentrates solely on hair products.

The company was established by Frenchman Patrick Ales, a plant loving former hairdresser who wanted to invent a hair care range which utilised the natural potency of plant extracts, keeping the emphasis on prevention rather than cure. The result is a range of 13 shampoos specifically designed for particular hair types, including a dandruff shampoo which took 13 years to formulate.

There are also several conditioning treatments and a complete summer range. Many of the products find their way into the bags of some of the world's top stylists as well as celebrities such as Cindy Crawford.

You may not instantly look like you just stepped out of the salon, but you'll notice the difference in a few weeks.

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