A group-buying site came top of this week's fast-growing search terms in Singapore while a skincare company and their products appeared three times in the UK top ten. Other popular retail search terms around the world for the week ending March 26 according to Experian Hitwise* can be found below.

In the United Kingdom internet shoppers were looking out for their skin, searching for items such as " skin salvation," " pure potions skin salvation," and " pure potions." Purepotions, the manufacturers of Skin Salvation, a steroid-free eczema cream, produce a range of skincare solutions which use all natural ingredients. Shoppers in the United Kingdom and the European Union are able to buy Pure Products skin care solutions from http://purepotions.biz/ .

Internet shoppers in Singapore were searching for exclusive deals both through group buying site " bigdeal.sg"' and the semi-exclusive designer clothing and cosmetics site " singsale.com.sg."

Groupon clone  Bigdeal.com.sg, which was top of this week's search terms, is a Singapore-based 'daily deal' outlet and part of the group-buying phenomenon that is currently sweeping the planet. As with the majority of group-buying sites, bigdeal.sg offers a daily deal to the site's members, if enough buy the deal everyone receives the discount rate, if not enough members purchase the deal then nobody benefits from the discount.

Singsale.com.sg works on a similar basis to other 'members-only' designer deal sites such as Rue La La or Gilt. These sites offer designer items or luxury cosmetics for discount prices on specific dates for a limited time only.  

In Australia, online auction site " eBay" and regional subsidiary " eBay Australia" remained the two retail-related search terms with the most growth. Classifieds sites " tradingpost.com.au" and " gumtree.com.au" were both also popular. 

Both sites, tradingpost.com.au and gumtree.com.au, allow users to buy or sell items, ranging from concert tickets to real estate, in a similar way that consumers buy and sell using classified adverts in a newspaper.

Data for the United States over the same period was not available at the tilme of writing (March 29), however Amazon.com, Walmart.com and Target.com were the most popular retail websites over the week ending March 26.  

Experian Hitwise* - Fast-moving search terms under the industry category Shopping and Classifieds, ranked by the largest percentage increase for the week ending March 26 compared with the week ending March 19.