Need To Know: The evidence

The furniture dealer's desk
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Nick Wheatley is one of five dealers who run Art Furniture in north-west London, which is holding an Arts & Crafts selling exhibition from 27 October until 8 November

"You would think, considering the aesthetic nature of the business we are in, that the desk wouldn't be such a mess. My measuring tape (1) is my most important instrument. The red stickers (2) are for when things are sold. We don't really reserve things. I took a deposit on a wardrobe several months ago and the person still hasn't picked it up. The wind-out handle (3) is for an extending mahogany dining table. The cube (4) is from our makeshift creche - it's really just a little room with some toys in, but it keeps children amused. The catalogue (5) is for our selling exhibition, which runs from Tuesday. I found the penguin (6) this morning when I came in. It belongs to a friend's little boy. I think the hat (7) belongs to him as well."

Interview by Aoife O'Riordain

Photograph by Adrain Fisk