Hayley Newstead runs Absolute Flowers, whose clients include the fashion store Nicole Farhi and the restaurant Teatro

"I'm incredibly messy, messier than you can imagine, you should see the inside of my van. The bouquet on the table is for a client. The terracotta pot once held a palm tree and the black bin is full of Christmas decorations. I tell myself to drink more water and leave it out on the table to remind me [green bottle, far left], except I inevitably forget - it's been sitting there months. I haven't used the blue vases [top shelf], but I'm sure they'll come in useful. I've been collecting the wooden wine boxes for months, I'll get round to painting them eventually. The tree is dead (ironic considering my job). I used the mannequin when I made dresses out of flowers for the Nicole Farhi Bond Street shop window and the plastic cactus [on top of mannequin] was from a 21st birthday party I did with a Fifties kitsch theme. You wouldn't believe how much people steal. I used the mosaic nightlights [on the lower shelf] for a Morrocan themed party. I had to tell the security guards to keep an eye out as I spotted one girl putting eight in her handbag!"