Kim Sion is the owner of Smile Management, which represent stylists, art directors and photographers, including Ellen von Unwerth.

"Sean, my Jack Russell (1) comes into the office with me every day. He torments my cats so much that, unfortunately, they are leaving so I've got their vaccination papers (2) to give to their new owner. I live by Post-its. We must get through about 200 a day. Mario Sorrenti has just done a shoot in Colorado so I was just going through the laser copies (3) - this picture is my favourite. I have four calculators (4), it's a bit of an in-joke in the office. I usually use two when I'm calculating for shoots in foreign currencies. I have two address books (5), one personal and one for work. I've had lots of computer organisers but they always end up falling on the floor or crashing. One of our other photographers, Ellen von Unwerth, recently published a book (6) and I have the catalogue (7) from a show Mario Sorrenti had in Paris. The photos (8) are of my daughter Marley and my fiance. I have one cappuccino (9) a day which I end up feeling guilty about, it's kind of the same with what I call my pretend bottle of water (10), it's been there for weeks ... but I'm very healthy, really."

Interview by Aoife O'Riordain

Photograph by Claudia Janke