Janet Wardley is the visual merchandising manager at Harvey Nichols in London

"I'm not chained to my desk; sometimes I'm at the store or at one of our workshops so the message paging system (1) is for when people want to get hold of me. On the desk is a model of the three-dimensional winter sale window (2). All the torn out pictures (3) are for up-and-coming windows that we're planning. When I devise a concept for a window, usually the best way to explain it is through pictures. I compile them on a theme board, like the one on the wall (4) which is the concept for the current Christmas window. On the board (5) we try and put up pictures we really like. I try not to make it look like a cat sanctuary, as I love cats. There's a picture of my two cats up there (6) but all the cat pictures go on to my assistant's desk now as I'm trying to convince him to get one. The stars (7) are just cheap ones we were playing around with to make them a bit special and give them the Harvey Nichols touch. I don't really have in and out trays, as I need to have what I'm working on in piles in front of me. If it's filed away I tend to forget about it. I've only received two Christmas cards so far (8) I'm waiting to get a few more as I think it would look a bit sad only having two hanging up."