Net Gains: Fortune cookies

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It is easy to ridicule those who hang on the every word of astrologers such as Russell Grant and Mystic Meg (above). But when our own lives enter a period of crisis, doubt or deep reflection, you might find yourself lingering over the newspaper horoscope column.

In our increasingly stressful world, astrology is big business, and as such provides plenty of surfing material. The choices cover everything from Hindu Vedic marriage compatibility analysis, to the latest Californian dietary dos and don'ts; all geared to suit your specific planetary set-up.

Last year my Aunty Dot had Cha-chi, her adored Chihuahua's horoscope mapped out for his fifth birthday. For just pounds 10 the Internet astrologer gave Aunty Dot many insights into the dog's psyche and told her he would live to the ripe old age of 15. She was chuffed.

Sadly, he was proved wrong when, just last month, Cha-chi was fatally mauled by a Yorkshire Terrier.

But it's not just my dotty aunt who's into internet horoscopes. There are countless lonely hearts on serious love quests. Chinese astrology techniques are among the most popular for the love-lorn. Specialists, Sun Consultants, offer a free energy tracker to surfers interested in Chinese Astrology. It "helps you monitor how various energies affect outcomes... so your love goals can be attained".

In the States and the far east, thousands of high-flying equity traders also examine the astrologically predicted fortunes of companies such as McDonalds, Suzuki and Hong Kong Telecom. Why not make it your business, too? You might even make a few bob into the bargain.

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