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High-speed cable link

TeleWest, the biggest cable company in the UK, has set up its own Internet service provider. This is not significant in itself, but is certain to lead to the first "cable modem" systems, which will bring high-speed Internet access to our homes via the cable networks.

Home banking on your PC

The TSB and CompuServe have teamed up to offer "PC-based home banking" to their combined customers. TSB customers with a CompuServe connection can now buy goods, transfer funds from one account to another and inspect statements. Withdrawals or deposits are displayed instantly. TSB PC Banking inquiries - 0500 758 002. CompuServe - 01734-525555.

Network computers gold rush

The controversial idea of a "network computer", a sort of cut-down PC, has attracted a lot of speculation - not least as to whether anyone would commit to making them. Last week the NC's chief promoter, Oracle, announced that some 30 companies had signed up to manufacture the devices.

The list includes the British company Acorn, as well as Mitsubishi, Apple, IBM and Sun, though significant omissions include Compaq and Oracle's great rival, Microsoft.