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Praise for Pilot

With reference to Steve Homer's review of the Pilot 1000/5000 (Network, 18 November), I have recently bought a 5000 and so far it has proved to be excellent. Its one limitation has proved to be that you can't draw illustrations on the screen. This can be solved, however, for a meagre $5. Available over the Internet from DaggerWare is a software package called DinkyPad that enables you to draw freehand lines, circles, etc. If you're not interested in this specific facility, the DaggerWare site (http://www. is still worth a visit. In fact, I was amazed at the number of independent Pilot-related sites that there are on the Net.

Doug Tucker

Laptops for less?

Until I read Bill Rumball's e-mail (Network, 25 November), I had no idea second-hand laptops were available for pounds 200. Like Bill, I need one for library work, and also for trips away from my main PC, and also like Bill I would prefer to transfer material both ways via floppy drive. Have you any recommendations for dealers who sell such machines (suitably certified, of course) in London? I use Win95. Thanks for any steers.

Robin Miller

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