Your treatment of Time Computer Systems (6 March) fell somewhat short of being either objective or balanced. The mail-order vision of Hell comprising "small companies bolting PCs together" derides a £60m company representing the likes of Compaq, Toshiba and IBM working within the quality culture of BS5750.

Our stance has always been that one customer with a genuine grievance is one too many. In terms of two cases mentioned, one customer refused delivery within the 28-day shipping rule simply because they expected us to increase the value of the extra free items we had offered. A second attempted to use the press to exert pressure on the company to receive an upgrade to a computer which they clearly were not entitled to from the advertisement. Our position was ratified by the Advertising Standards Authority.

As the PC increasingly becomes a mandatory consumer item, we have continually to monitor our ability to support the customer. To this end our technical resources have increased by a third this year alone, which should redress any frustration felt at the end of last year.

Colin G Silcock

National sales manager

Time Computer Systems

Why no e-mail addresses of MPs or the ftp address of the Department of Trade's "full text of documents"?

Jim Moody

The file transfer protocol (ftp) address for government documents is:

Here are the politicians we know about:

Graham Allen (Labour information spokesman):

Perhaps other politicians would like to send theirs in?

Can I have details of the shop in London that sells second-hand computers for £69, and modems for £15?

I am helping the Reading Deaf Children's Society to set up an e-mail system, and we are short of cheap computers and modems - we don't need anything big or powerful.

Our aim is to help deaf children and their schools to gain access to the information superhighway. We feel that deaf children in particular will benefit from this exciting new technology, as the Internet is one area of communication where a lack of speech and hearing is not a disadvantage.

Charlie Gray The shop is Personal Computer Solutions, 52 Northfield Avenue, London W13 9RR. More recommendations (not from shops themselves, please) welcome.

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