Gateway 2000 has appointed Robert Spears as senior vice-president of Gateway major accounts. Spears was previously senior vice-president in the America's group. Gateway has also appointed Robert Cheng as senior vice-president of Gateway Direct, Joseph Burke as senior vice-president and managing director of the company's European operations, and Michael Hammond as senior vice-president of global manufacturing. Hammond co- founded Gateway 2000 in 1985 with Ted Waitt.

Visio International has appointed Jim Horsburgh as European vice-president and managing director. Prior to joining Visio in 1994, Horsburgh was managing director of Central Point Software (later acquired by Symantec).

BEA Systems has appointed Sarah Perl as UK sales manager specialising in wholesale banking, financial exchanges and market data companies. Prior to joining BEA Systems, Perl worked for Informix Software, selling database management software and time series analysis solutions to institutions based in the City of London.

Origin has appointed Timothy Lomax as executive vice-president and chief financial officer. Lomax was formerly director of finance, logistics, and information and technology for Philips Sound & Vision.

Media 100 has appointed Roger Peatling as its new product specialist. Before joining Media 100, Peatling was a video graphics editor at NTL National Media.

JCP Computer Services has appointed Duncan Leopold to the post of chief operations officer. Leopold joins JCP from London Irish RUFC where he was CEO.

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