I watched a proper game of football from start to finish a couple of weeks ago - as far as I recall, the first time I'd done so. This scarcely qualifies me as an expert on the game, which I last played regularly at the age of 10, but it did connect with a vague awareness that footballing matters get thorough treatment on the Web.

And so it is. No Sex, No Money, Just Football FC, for example, has had a good run at the top of the Yell charts thanks to what you might call its lively and irreverent approach.

At least, I think that's what it must be thanks to.

You can gauge the mood from the explanation of why the 'zine is "firmly behind" Wimbledon: "Like us, they have no money, no class, a bizarre sense of humour and some iffy haircuts.

"But what they also have is great personality and, despite everything, the ability to come out on top and generally take the piss out of vastly superior outfits. Just like us."

So NSNMJF is not for those who take their football seriously (does anyone?). Sadly, I can't say my perusal raised many titters, though. the Special Features section seems to consist largely of "amusing" captions to photos raided from old football annuals. The News and Gossip section is supposedly updated continuously but, to my untrained eye, one story speculating about the future of a football manager looks much like another.

The site looks appropriately naff. But it does have some redeeming features - solid information on big-league results and standings, and a links page that is selective rather than comprehensive. Like most links pages, it's out of date in places.

No Sex, No Money, Just Football FC