Around 1970, in a TV series called Me Mammy, Milo O'Shea enjoyed a game of "Pope-opoly" with ecclesiatiscal figurines moved around a board, and cards bearing such messages as: "Go to Hell. Go directly to Hell. Do not pass through purgatory. Do not collect 200 plenary indulgences."

Sadly Pope-opoly was never marketed. But "Seven Steps to Heaven" (pounds 26.99 from ET Games, PO Box 3579, Redditch, Worcs. B98 0HS. Tel: 01527-520608) may be the next best thing.

Answering religious questions entitles you to move around a board. Each complete circuit moves you higher on the seven-step plastic pyramid to heaven. But: "Players cannot win the game, even when the top step is reached, if they have more Lucifer tokens than Angel Gabriel tokens." But no wooden bishops and no going to Hell. Verdict: Might liven up vicarage tea parties. Only for the devout.