Would you understand if I said: "The verge gin nylons" or "Main BA vain bard lay"? The first's a place, the second's a television programme. Are you with me? Its the Virgin Islands and Men Behaving Badly, of course.

If you like this sort of thing, you'll enjoy Babble On, from Waddingtons (around pounds 19.99), though you'll still wince at such examples as police pea cough tethered own (Please speak after the tone) and glee hop at rare sneeze doll (Cleopatra's Needle).

Always ingenious, sometimes inspired (like pig knicker Tangy Wok for Picnic at Hanging Rock) , but if the above examples make you want to a Mig great two new seal learned then Babble On is deaf innately knot Toby wrecker mended. Best played when at least mildly inebriated, if not peace daz Canute.