Hungary: Europe's first cemetery for dead Tamagotchis has been opened in the Hungarian town of Dunaszekco. About 20 people buried their virtual pets there in a moving ceremony on Tuesday. Mourners were mostly schoolchildren, but also included three professional women mourners and a man dressed as Santa Claus.

Illinois: Jeffrey Morse, 30, a convicted child-molester, has been castrated by a team of doctors after volunteering for the operation before his sentence is passed. Kenneth Ramsay, Sheriff of Geneva, Illinois, said: "He's hoping the judge will take this in mind when he determines what the sentence will be. The judge has told him there are no guarantees. It's his risk. It's his choice. I'd thought I'd seen it all after 26 years. Now, maybe I've seen it all."

Brazil: A survey among army cadets in Brazil showed that their most admired historical figure was Adolf Hitler, followed by national hero Joaquin da Silva Xavier, Ayrton Senna, Jesus Christ and Gandhi.