Felonious monk: A Buddhist monk in court in Hong Kong said he had not violated his peace-loving religion when he kicked a crippled beggar in the eye at a temple. The incident occurred when the two men became involved in a dispute over a begging spot. Ng Wing-fai said: "I intended to kick his hand but accidentally injured him. The assault was unintentional." he was released on a bond of HK$1,000 (about pounds 75) and ordered to keep the peace for a year.

Defrocked monk: Khem Pheng, a 29-year-old former Cambodian monk, was arrested on suspicion of heroin trafficking when 5kg of brown and white powder was found in his alms pouch. Police then had to hold him down as they replaced his saffron robes with second-hand shorts and underwear bought at a local market. In Cambodia, Buddhist monks are not allowed to wear underpants.

Blood lust: A South Korean dating agency is promoting a "Blind Date Blood Drive", open to all young, unmarried Koreans. Entrants must first donate blood for a chance to win a ticket to a blind date party. If the party leads to any marriages, the company will pay for the honeymoon.