Photo fit: A man in Stillwater, Oklahoma, who drove through a stop sign and killed a woman in a collision, has been ordered to carry her picture around with him for a year. Brandon Guffey, 21, pleaded guilty to negligent homicide, and the idea of his having to carry his victim's photograph was suggested by her mother. "It's part of a growing trend to make the punishment fit the crime," said the District Attorney, Rob Hudson.

Love bite: An 18-year-old soldier climbed into a zoo in Limassol, Cyprus, with his girlfriend at 2.45 in the morning and stuck his hand through cage railings to stroke two lions. He is now recovering in hospital after surgery to his right hand. "We are trying to figure out what they were doing there at that time in the morning," said a police source. "He was lucky they didn't bite anything else."

Good loo guide: A new guide to lavatories in Parisian restaurants rates the facilities on a scale from "apocalyptic" through "pestilential" to "intoxicating". Symbols include a duck-shaped bottle of toilet cleaner and an air freshener disc.