Drug test: A member of Germany's Green Party has suggested that his country's MPs test their driving skills while stoned on marijuana. Gila Altman pointed out that alcohol, which is legal, was held responsible for 4,000 road deaths in Germany last year, while illegal drugs were blamed for only 16 deaths. Last year members of the Transportation Committee took driving tests after drinking and found that their abilities were impaired.

Vice grip: Despite the closure of 7,397 brothels and the arrest of 6,297 brothel-owners and pimps since 1994, Vietnam reports that prostitution is continuing to flourish. A main area for the trade in Hanoi is in streets close to the public security ministry.

Clean air act: Starting next month, El Al flights will show only cartoons and nature films in the rear section of its jumbo jets, following complains from Orthodox Jews about explicit sex in in-flight films. The airline says the offer is aimed at any "passengers who wish to travel in a family atmosphere as they understand it."