Bon appetit: Sakae Watanabe, 46, was arrested in Kofu, Japan, when he did not pay a restaurant bill. Unemployed and having no money, Mr Watanabe had spent three consecutive days and nights eating and drinking at a 24-hour restaurant. He is alleged to have ordered about 20 different dishes costing a total of 16,000 yen (about pounds 80). The restaurant manager thought his staying in the restaurant for three days was weird, but staff said they were unable to do anything as long as he sat quietly at his table.

Son arise: An Argentine woman suffered a nervous breakdown when her son turned up at his own funeral. When a man in the city of Bahia was killed accidentally by a pistol he was holding, Robinson Gonzalez's mother erroneously identified the corpse in the local morgue. When he phoned to tell her he was alive, she thought it was someone playing a sick joke. So he came to the funeral.