Bikini poll: According to an international poll conducted over the Internet, Monica Lewinsky is the woman most people would like to see in a bikini. Ms Lewinsky beat Baywatch star Pamela Anderson Lee to the title by a 4 per cent margin. "I think it's the curiosity factor that clinched it for Monica," says Howard Sonnenschein, executive producer of the website

Fatal attraction: A male gorilla dropped dead of a heart attack when it was released to mate with three females at Kyoto municipal zoo in Japan. "We had him in a cage next to the females since mid-January and thought it would be OK to release him. This is really unfortunate," said Kunihiko Yasui, head of animal breeding at the zoo.

Zoo food: Jakarta zoo has announced a change in its menu for the tiger cage. For the last 10 years they have been fed on imported kangaroo meat, but the plunge in Indonesia's currency now makes that too expensive. Instead the tigers will now be fed on wild pig from southern Sumatra, where a local wild pig control programme keeps down the price of their meat.