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Mistaken identity: When a New York driver overtook another car near the Long Island Expressway earlier this week, the driver of the second vehicle speeded up, flagged the other car over to the side of the road, then flashed a police badge at the driver. It turned out badly for him, however, because the badge was a fake and the other driver was a plain clothes detective who promptly arrested him. Owning a fake police badge is perfectly legal, but using it to impersonate a police officer is not.

Gravely delayed: Frederick McClure has been waiting outside a grocer's shop in Lubec, Maine, for the past two weeks and the neighbours are beginning to complain. Mr McClure is dead. He should have been buried on 9 March but the site chosen for his grave was flooded by a thunderstorm and has not yet dried out sufficiently to be redug, so the body has been waiting patiently in a coffin outside the store Mr McClure used to run. "My father was extremely happy in the store," his daughter Anne Marie explained.