Salvation delayed: Disappointed that God did not appear on Channel 18 of US television last Wednesday, as had been predicted, members of God's Salvation Church are moving out of the Dallas suburbs, where His arrival was scheduled for this week, and heading for Michigan where their leader, Chen Hon-ming, says God is gathering the souls of all worthy people before a nuclear holocaust next year. God will then fly them to Gary, Indiana, in a flying saucer.

You only die twice: The funeral took place in West Glamorgan of Oswald Jones, 102. Eighty years ago he had surprised relatives by turning up at his own memorial service. Corporal Jones was wounded in World War I in 1917 and presumed dead. After being taken prisoner, he took more than a year to recover from his injuries and make his way home in time to turn a planned memorial service into a party.

Safe and sound: Police, helped by dogs and more than 200 Ipswich residents, gave up their search for missing three-year-old Dean Summers when his sister found him asleep in a drawer under his bed.