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Clinton - an apology: The president of the state senate of Iowa has apologised to the President and the state. Mary Kramer said: "For those I have offended, and for those that feel I have violated this chamber, I absolutely apologise." Her act of "disrespect" had been to have Bill Clinton's picture taken down temporarily from behind the Senate president's chair while she had her photograph taken.

Clinton sucks: A Pennsylvania confectioner called Mugwump Creations reports a big increase in sales of "All-American Gummi Bills", a line of chewy sweets that look like President Clinton. "I thought the Paula Jones thing would get some interest in Gummi Bills. But then the Monica Lewinsky scandal hit and that really breathed life into it. It's been incredible," said the sweet's creator, Jeff Munchak. "They're selling extremely well in Washington."

Bill Clinton II: The President had a surprise on his visit to Uganda last week when he met a two-day-old boy named Bill Clinton. His mother had received a $50 loan from the Americans to set up a small business.