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Sober as a judge? Lakewood Municipal Judge Ralph Baldwin has resigned after state authorities alleged that he left the court and returned with a 12-pack of beer while a jury was deliberating a drunk-driving case. He then drank some of the beer and later asked jurors to stay and join him for a "cold one". The judge apologised for his conduct, which he said stemmed from a "misguided sense of congeniality and extremely poor judgement". Three jurors and the prosecuting attorney did, however, accept the judge's offer.

Going overboard: A middle-aged Australian woman, who does not want her identity revealed, has admitted watching the film Titanic more than 100 times. She has also seen Evita about 100 times, but hopes to reach 150 with Titanic. "She just really enjoys the film," said the manager of a cinema in Adelaide. "She spends more time here than we do."

Battering rams: Traffic on a main street in Alexandria, Egypt, came to a halt on Wednesday when two rams started fighting in the road. Traffic police had to separate the animals after their owner was knocked to the ground. Although not injured, he has vowed not to buy any more sheep.