Ineggsact information: A survey conducted for the British Egg Information service reveals that seven out of 10 people do not know why eggs are eaten at Easter. The other three know that they are a symbol of resurrection and new life.

Virgin cake: Catholic residents of Bacalar village in Mexico have been gathering to worship a cake in which the image of the Virgin Mary has appeared. Fernanda Rivas told a local television station that she nearly fainted when she pulled the cake from the oven and saw an outline of the virgin in the middle. "It's really her! No one can possibly doubt this," said a local resident, Hermilio Poot.

Daily bread off the menu: The elephants and hippos at Jerusalem's Biblical Zoo are not getting their usual 10 loaves of bread each day because of Jewish Passover laws. Although Passover is not observed by animals, zoo officials are worried that keepers and visitors might come into contact with the bread. The animals, however, are not happy with their kosher substitute. "They should understand that they live in a Jewish country," a zoo spokesman joked.