Generous women: Research by two American economists supports a theory that women are less selfish than men. Catherine Eckel and Philip Grossman asked people how much of a $10 cash allocation they would keep, and how much they would give to a hypothetical partner. On average, women said they would part with $1.60, men only 82 cents.

You only die twice: According to a Reuters report from Cairo, a 47-year- old Egyptian labourer is in hospital after trying to commit suicide by cutting off his genitalia with a kitchen knife. The man, who is a bachelor, told police that he wanted to die, but did not say specifically why he chose that particular method.

Silly Bulgars: A Greek court has put a temporary injunction on sales of a dictionary because of an allegedly insulting definition of the word "Bulgarian", a term used pejoratively to describe supporters or players of sports teams in Thessalonika.